An Open Letter To My Big Sister

Hey Jo.

You probably saw this post and thought, “well, it’s about time!” And I don’t blame you for that. I kind of made your letter last on purpose, because I know that you are actually going to read yours. So I guess I’m kind of a sadist.

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An Open Letter To My Big Brother

Hey Rick,

If I’m going to be honest, these letters are getting harder to write. It was so easy to put down what I wanted to say to Cait and Heinrich because they’re teenagers, and I see them every day, so I know them really well as people. Brianna’s was the first hard letter to write because there’s a lot that I want to say to her, but there is also a lot that I can’t necessarily put out there for the public eye to see. Your letter—I am already one-hundred-percent sure of this, and I still have to write Joanne’s—is going to be the hardest one I have to write. Continue reading “An Open Letter To My Big Brother”

An Open Letter To My Best Frenemy

Hey Bri,

I bet you’re wondering why, of all things, I would call you my best frenemy. I think it’s pretty simple: you are always either my best friend, or my worst enemy. We’re sisters and so close in age, that we literally grew up together. We went through a lot of shit together, and we know way too much information about each other. There really isn’t much else to it. Continue reading “An Open Letter To My Best Frenemy”

An Open Letter to My Youngest Sister

Hey Cait,

I’m not really sure how to start this off. I’ve never been all that good at writing letters, especially when I have a lot to say, but don’t know how to convey it all. But I’ll try my best. Continue reading “An Open Letter to My Youngest Sister”