Getting Crafty

I guess I’ve been labeled the artsy kid since I was a child.

While the majority of my siblings showed interest in sports like baseball, softball, football, cheerleading, volleyball—I enjoyed dance. Continue reading “Getting Crafty”

Google It

Google is such a beautiful and terrifying thing: the more we use it, the more information it knows about us. It knows what we like to watch and read, and any other information we put out there on social media. Google knows everything. Continue reading “Google It”

Another Girl with a Moon Tattoo

Believe it or not, I’ve wanted tattoos long before I was legally allowed to have them. And I impatiently waited until my eighteenth birthday to go ahead and get one. Continue reading “Another Girl with a Moon Tattoo”

Smell You Later

It’s no secret that a scent is the strongest trigger to a memory. That’s right, even stronger than music. Smells can even trigger memories hidden from trauma or repression. Now there’s a fun fact for you! When I think of smells that take me somewhere else, I think of two things immediately. Continue reading “Smell You Later”