Most of us grow up with someone look up to: someone we admire for all the things they do for us, or the things they’ve done for others, or for accomplishing things that we want for ourselves. I just happen to be so lucky to have that someone be a person that has not only been in and around my life forever, but also help raise me. 

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Smooch Cat

Since my obsession with names is out of the bag, here’s a fun fact about me: I also enjoy a good nickname. I don’t know why, but I like calling people things that isn’t the name they were given at birth—especially if they were given a long one. And you would think that because I’m so particular with names, that I wouldn’t like nicknames at all—but no, you’d be wrong.

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The Old Never Bothered Me, Anyway

Something that I never understood was how fearsome people became whenever the idea of aging was brought up. Friends, family, and strangers alike cringe at hearing their age and freak out at the sight of grey hairs and laugh lines. It’s actually kind of funny how even people my own age complain about being “old” now.

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